About Us

We Sonit and Fair group was inaugurated in 2009.Commenced operations as a small molecule with four three wheels all right round the Island. Commencing as a small entity thriving to archive goals,barriers and obstacles were a steer stewardship to attain what we want to attain in our minds.

The company was commenced with a strong and a viable leadership of Deshamanya Mr.M.M.J Bandara.Spanning a wide experience in the battle field and ex- army personal. His values are immense, when it’s inthe Army and also to the business fratanity.His services are valuable and immeasurable as a proud son of our dear motherland.

Since 2009the company has expanded in a vast manner, employed over 100 staff members and still in the process of recruiting new members into his organization. The company has employed also more than 1000 drivers for its force.

Amidst a busy schedule Mr.Bandara the main figure head of the company has commenced Corporate Social Responsibility projects to the needy and to his faith. Donated a stem to Jayasri Mahabodhi to Thailand as one of main projects.

We are striving to provide more to the needy and helpthe economic sector to our dear Nation.



To be the best transport service provider with an extensible customer service to our valued customers.


Catering to a transport service to the rich, middle and the lower class by the three incorporated companies namely Sonit Tours and Travels, Sonit Cabs , and Fair Taxi. We are proud to say we do cater all three segments of classes in our country and provide a value and a extensible service and pertaining queriesand feed backs from valued customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is not a strategy not to adopt new businesses and firmly we disclose the matters our CSR projects are mainly sustained on the benefits on society, not gaining loyalty from the corporate segment or not a project will gain revenue through propagating on our strategies on social benefit …

Mainly our CSR configures on our national needs that has to be filled. According to our faith and patriotism we do help the society as social responsibility and with pride and hard ship. Our work is small and gaps we fill are immense

We have done CSR projects unmatchable that ant Taxi Company has not stemmed so far … Donating a stem from the Jaya srimahabodhi to Thailand was an immense service that our present Chairman has done to the pride and responsibility to his faith. Donating a sum of rupees one hundred thousand to the cancer hospital and also donating funds to handicap orphanages that are in extremely in need

In the future as a social entity we are in the process of aggregating more campaigns on CSR to the needy

Chairman message

First of all I do take this opportunity to thank my dear valued customers ,the staff, the management, the Board of Directors who were with me in hand in hand to build a huge entity from a small molecule to a major industry in Transpotation.My intentions were pure and a clarity of a viable leadership which I did gain from my child hood and from the military.Eventhough when I recall my memories in the battlefield I fought not with my my enemies but a fight of winning achievements to produce to my dear nation. Barriers and obstacles were my strengths and hard work were my opportunities to build up my diminutive premature entity to an Atom gaining high loyalty rewards and from customers resulting an unmatchable strategy with my peers.

A new Era has down stormed with the end of the ethnic war. Infrastructure facilities are booming up with the economy. Highways, Flyovers, are storming up with itself. They are booming up par related with the other industries to rebuild our pearl. I strongly believe that a sole entity could not sustain in the industry without help with one another. I do respect equal strengths from my own merits and respect down stem elegance when it comes to strategy. Helping the Government to boom up with transportation a service unmatchable to any industry is a strong commitment offering to our country. Ethnic diversity and respect diversity in my own image is the figure head of my stories of success. Failures are the pillars of success … may our failure be an opportunity to gear up with our strengths. A fight is over... And reunion of development is booming up. Respecting each other’s failures and down storming ones weakness that I could deliver to the Globe. With a sustainable endurance of financial ability my service which I offer will be a viable entry in what the Government needs to fill up blanks.

Past years were a major storm in strategy. Taking up risks and gearing them into actions were a stewardship in all my formaliies.We had a strong growth in profits. Our customer portfolio exceeds a higher surplus unmatchable with our peers. Our rates our nominal… Our customer care is extraordinary .Our valued trained staff is the foremost asset in my entity. Though our brick is small our vision is highly aggregated through our mission. I believe what I say … and do deliver the best I could …

Cheers …!!

Deshamanya Mr.M.M.J.Bandara.